The movement and dance workshop “Joy of Movement” gives you the opportunity to move spontaneously and improvise. It makes you to enjoy emotionally the dances and various rhythms of different ethnical groups from all over the world.

The workshop helps to:

  • Express yourself, your emotions and feelings while dancing.
  • Interact and communicate with others, using movements, dance, sense of rhythm, touches.
  • Anew to realize your body to get back comfortable and attentive contact with it, to increase its sensitivity and mobility.
  • Learn how to mobilize or relax, to let go the unnecessary tension which is stuck in your body.
  • Find creative inspiration and improvisation.
  • To enjoy great music, which makes your feet to ask for dance.

Workshop routine:

  • Classes are run once in 2 weeks.
  • Please have with you comfortable soft trousers (preferable in sport style), t-shirt, pair of socks. You can be barefoot if you prefer.

The liberated body helps the person to express his/hers points of view, thoughts, beliefs, in light hearted, kind manner, without constrain. The happy mood, even if you have not brought it with you, will find you during our classes.

Welcome to us!