What is the art workshop about?

It gives the opportunity to spontaneous creations. Sometimes the creation comes out after feeling inner urge to express oneself in a visual form. By using drawing, handmade pieces of art, sculptures etc. , the person can express his/hers vision of himself/herself, his/hers feeling of the world.

That kind of creative work gives the opportunity to uncover the revelations, which leads to seeing the life situation in a different light. The task and its resolution becomes clearer.

Is it necessary to be artistic or have other skills, to participate in the art workshop?


It does not matter whether you have drawing skills or are able to make models in clay or not. Each of us has inner art routs, which will come to life when the certain circumstances will appear.  (The group leader will take care of it).

What kind of exercise is carried out in the art workshop?

Trusting our intuition we let our hand to act spontaneously using inner urge, direction.

We allow our hand to pick desirable colours, materials, combinations.

And then, we recognize, what made us to make this unpredictable choice, and we try to interpret that for ourselves and others.

Why does the art workshop involve group training?

It is very important to share the other people experiences and to reveal one’s own uniqueness during group gatherings.

By revealing his/hers own creation the participant makes major step into life and in future he/she could use it as internal power.

Why the art therapy is so helpful?

  • It helps to take off heavy feeling of tension and tiredness. It helps to rejuvenate one’s life strengths.
  • It reduces the feelings of confusion and doubt, helps to make you feel yourself.
  • It helps to feel the sensation of the art inspiration and to use it in life.
  • It gives you a chance to look at your life using different approach, sometimes from different side, deeper.

Group classes are run by volunteers from Vigor society once per 2 weeks.

Why the participants find the classes so useful:

  • “It is a joy to work with different training materials, when the material itself gives you an impulse for action”.
  • “It is fascinating when the simplest materials get other meanings during the working process.”
  • “I enjoy the intellectual interaction with other people when we discuss values and what matters in life.”
  • “It is great to see the other person opening up to us in a different light, when he/she does something or looks at things differently.”
  • “It is fascinating to reach the soul’s depths and discover its new, unexpected layers.”

“I believe that the person who trusts himself/herself, who lets himself/herself to create by using his /hers intuition spontaneously, will meet his/hers own nature strength and will open his/hers vital resources”.

(Leading specialist-psychologist Natalya Ivanova)