“Kaleidoscope” is about:

– sharing health recovery experience after having a stroke, discussion and approbation of   individual ways of rehabilitation and everyday life adaptation;

– lessons, aimed at individual methods of health rehabilitation;

– providing information on social security and legal support resources for disabled people;

– providing information on various educational lessons and courses for disabled people;

– meetings with different specialists, who will help in health restoration (occupational and speech therapists etc.);

– visiting cultural events, educational excursions;

– celebrations of participants’ birthdays and other significant personal dates;

– meetings, dedicated to creativity and participants’ hobbies;

– discussions on psychological researches’ results, where “Vigor” society’s participants have taken part.

  Ways of work:

– group discussions, experiences’ and opinions’ exchange;

– speeches of some of participants and the invited guests;

– special creativity exercises;

– getting familiar with documentation and various didactic materials.


Group classes are run by volunteers from” Vigor “society once in 2 weeks.